Who else wants to jailbreak their iPod Touch (firmware 3.0)...

...giving you unlimited customization and free apps!

I was paying for apps, but then I learned about Jailbreaking...

What is jailbreaking?
It's an entirely safe, reversible process where you give your iPod "special powers."
Really, it removes certain restrictions embedded in your device, allowing you to add applications from 3rd party sources that don't have to go through the Apple store. In other words, it gives you access to tons of free themes, applications, and methods of customization, all for free.

Is jailbreaking illegal?
No! It's your device. Moreover, it's entirely reversible. Cases where jailbreaking has broken an iPod Touch are just about unheard of.
Why Jailbreak it?
If you'd like to customize your ipod, get apps for free, and push your ipod touch to the limits, then you should explore jailbreaking.
How to jailbreak your iPod touch
It's so easy, I was able to write it up in 9 pages. It took me many hours to figure it out, and it was only after I pieced together the info on the internet AND troubleshot the problems did I get a fully functioning, jailbroken device.
Once I did, I decided to write it up in an easy-to-read, fool-proof guide. If you want to jailbreak your iPod Touch with ease.

Is jailbreaking easy?

My step-by-step guide makes it super easy. You won't find a guide like this anywhere. I spent countless hours trying to figure out the various "how-to" guides on the internet, but they were all very confusing when it came to jailbreaking the 3.0 firmware.

I finally figured it out, and when I did, I wrote up this guide to save you the trouble.